Global Traffic Maximizer Plugin

Global Traffic Maximizer is a plugin for WordPress blogs which enables you to create translated posts in multiple languages at the click of a button - simply compose your post, select the languages you want, and publish.

GTM integrates with your Microsoft Azure Marketplace subscription for free translation credits - you'll need to set up this free subscription on Microsoft Azure. All the details are in the video below.

  • Global Traffic Maximizer Plugin Download
    Global Traffic Maximizer Plugin Download

    Global Traffic Maximizer is a plugin file for WordPress that comes packaged as a zip file. You do not need to unzip the file, simply install it to your WordPress blog as you would any other plugin. (Plugins->Add New->Upload).

Once the PageView Exploder plugin is installed, look under Web Dimensions menu item in the admin section of your blog to find the PageView Exploder admin page, and once there, validate your registration key with your purchase email to enable the plugin functionality and enter your Adsense ID if you have one.

If you see a "fatal error" reported by your WordPress blog when you try to activate the plugin, that means your web server is not configured with Ioncube loaders. Most reputable hosting companies nowadays have the option to enable Ioncube, check with tech support for your hosting company for how to install and enable Ioncube loaders.