Lesson 9:Track Your Hashtag Impact

Lesson Level:  Easy

Lesson Length:  03:06


I just want to say congratulations here for reaching the end of this video series. What I want to do now is just to show you a tool that you can use to track hashtags. There are other tools out there and if this is not available at the time you’re watching this video, I recommend that you go to Google and look for “hashtag tracking.” But this is one of the ones that are good. All you need to do is you need to have an account that’s connected to Twitter for this to actually work. Coz if you type in a keyword, it’ll ask you to log into your Twitter account coz it will analyze your Twitter.

What I did was I logged in and I typed in here the term #doggycake just to fit with the ongoing theme that we’ve been going on in this video course. As you can see here, it shows me the estimated reach, which is about 2,382 accounts have been reached in terms of this hashtag keyword here. You can see the exposure in terms of impressions. You can see the activity from the last couple of days, it’s about the last 7 days. We can see the retweets and we can see the tweets. We can see the top contributors, the impressions that she’s getting, the contributors here, we can see some of the active contributors are. So if we wanna dive in and maybe reach out to these specific contributors and you can see these as possible JV partners that you can partner up with, contact, and just try to see if you can work together.

But I really like this tool. It works really, really well just to give you some standard statistics. Now, if you wanna go all out and go a little bit deeper, you can always upgrade the tool itself. But as you could see, you get some good statistics that you can go out and find top active people in your niche, which is really, really powerful in itself. That way, you don’t have to go to Twitter, dig around and try to guess and guess and guess.

One more strategy that I want to talk about before I end this video is that if you want to use a tool that I showed you earlier, find a very, very strong hashtag, use it and then a couple of days or a couple of weeks later down the road you can go to this specific website, enter that hashtag in there if it’s a unique hashtag. You can track it to see how it’s going if it’s working out. And then you can actually see who that hashtag has reached. And then you can use the same method, find the top contributors of that hashtag and go at it.

Hopefully this helps you and make sure that you take some action and start getting results.


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