Lesson 1:Introduction To Generating Leads For Local Businesses

Lesson Level:  Easy

Lesson Length:  08:23


Hello and congratulations for grabbing this video course on Local Lead CPA or in other words, earning passive income by generating leads for local businesses that will be brokering the leads directly to those local businesses so you don’t have to.

Video #1 – The Introduction to Generating Leads for Local Businesses

Here’s a quick overview of this specific video:

  • Videos Overview
  • Mindset
  • General Strategy
  • What You Need to Get Started

And then we can be on our way to Video #2.


This is Video#1.

Video #2 – Lead Generation Brokering Companies

And there’s a few things that you need to be aware of because Local Lead Generation Brokering Companies are a lot more serious. All they really care about is the fact that you can generate leads for them. They generally are not necessarily aware of the updating marketing strategy.

So you have to be a lot more serious when approaching these types of companies. You only get 1 try! So you want to make sure that you do everything possible to make it work!

Video #3 – Figuring Out Your Lead Niche Market

Whether it’s roofing leads, plumbing leads, electrician leads, and so forth.

Video #4 – Demographics

This basically sets everything up in terms of the videos that we create have to be focused on the demographics itself. You got to figure out what they need, what they want, and that way you create the right content for your website.

Video #5 – Basic Keyword Research

Video #5 is about Basic Keyword Research, which we’ll use throughout the whole process of keyword register domain name and so forth.

Video #6: LSI Keyword Domain Names

LSI keywords will be great for content and for video content.

Video #7: Keyword Domain Names

Video #8: Making Your Website Look Professional

You’re going to be creating a WordPress site. There are 2 avenues to creating really fast WordPress sites. Keep in mind that these types of sites do not require a lot of content.

They’re just pretty much a one-front-page and that’s it. Because you’re whole goal is to get people to the site, get them to take action, and that’s the real key here!  So, nothing about creating a fancy website or anything like that.

Video #9: Creating Videos That Will Market and Generate Leads for You

So for this whole video series, I’m going to be using Video Marketing as the main strategy.

Video #10: Uploading Your Videos to YouTube

We’re going to upload the videos to YouTube. As you know, YouTube has a really high authority. Ranking on Google is actually easier with YouTube.

But there are several more steps that I’m going to be showing you how to rank your YouTube video higher. Because it’s one thing to upload your videos to YouTube and get it ranked pretty high. But you want that #1 spot or Top 3 spots if all possible.

I’m going to show you how to create backlinks to the video and how to get it ranked higher.


I’d like to start out my video series with Mindset because I want you to get into the right mindset. Now, I want you to understand that, yes, doing Local Lead Generation can be tough when you’re dealing with local businesses.

And what I’ve found over the years, even myself, when trying to deal with local businesses is there’s a lot of negotiation, there’s a lot of hardships and headaches that you have to go through to convince a local business. ‘Cause they don’t necessarily get the idea that you can generate leads using Online Marketing Strategies. That can be the tough part.

For some people , it’s very, very easy. It comes naturally to them – the selling part. But the actual implementation part is harder for them. So I want you to understand that there’s always going to be roadblocks.

But this system has been developed so that you can remove as many roadblocks as you can. Because we’re going to be dealing with companies that already deal with local businesses. They have everything set up in place where they are seen as the company that generates leads for these local businesses.

So obviously, no one will ever know who you are. You will be dealing with these local brokering companies and because of that, all you have to do is generate the lead. So you generate the lead, you get paid, and that’s it! No headaches whatsoever!

I want you to focus on a niche that piques your interest. A lot of these leads that we’ll be generating deal with stuff around the house. Contractors – local contractors that deal with the house.

So I want you to think of a niche that piques your interest. Maybe you had plumbing done to your house or your apartment recently and you realize, “Man, this bill is high!” You realize, “Okay, plumbing is something that I’m interested in right now” or “Roofing is something I’m interested in right now.”

Because if you could focus on some niche that piques your interest, then pushing past roadblocks is going to be easier.

If you go all about the money first, it’ll actually be harder in the long run. I want you to understand, especially this – right here. Focus on something that you enjoy and then money as a secondary, and money will come.


The General Strategy of course is to:

  • Step 1 – “Find a Local Niche” whatever the interest might be.
  •  Step 2 – “Research the Demographics and the Keywords Properly” of the customers that will be typing into Google. And then trying to find your videos that will direct them to your landing page.
  •  Step 3 – I’m going to show you how to “Set up a super fast and easy Landing Page”
  •  Step 4 – We’re going to talk about “Applying to Local Leads CPA Sites” Now like I mentioned earlier, when you apply to these sites, don’t just apply to them if you don’t have a website because they are very, very serious. More serious and more strict than the online CPA sites out there.
  •  Step 5 – “Driving Traffic with The Video Marketing Strategy”Now Video Marketing has been going on for many, many years. But the strategy that I’ll be showing you is super easy to implement. But focuses on getting your videos ranked high onto Google.
  •  Step 6 – Rinse and Repeat


The majority of stuff that you will need is stuff that you can easily gain access to on the Internet, which is free!

But the only things that you will need to pay money for are:

  • “Web Hosting”, obviously
  • You’lll need a “Domain Name”
  • You’ll need to have “WordPress” installed and you can get WordPress easily for free
  • You need to have a “WordPress Theme.” I’ll recommend 2 (two).
  • And you need to have the “Ability to Create Videos.” I’m going to be using Animoto, which does cost money but it’s not a whole lot if you create 1 (one) video at a time.
  • You need a “YouTube Account” as well.

There’s other things that you will need, I’m going to show you along the way, but these are pretty much the primary things that you will be needing.

So with that said, let’s move on to Video #2 and talk about Local Brokering Companies.