Lesson 9:Creating Videos That Will Market & Generate Leads For You

Lesson Level:  Easy

Lesson Length:  17:24


Welcome to Video #9 – Creating videos that will market and generate leads for you

Since you’re going to use videos as the method and the strategy to drive traffic to your site, first, you’re going to need to create one.

We’re going to be using a site called It’s probably the easiest video creation that I’ve encountered to create our videos.

Inside the videos, we’re going to be using:

  • Demographics; possible demographics or get an idea of how do our keyword impacts the demographics
  • We’re going to use keywords to emphasize the problems
  • And or tips

And we’re also going to be using some copywriting swipes, which is a really fast way to get high converting copywriting words. That way, you don’t have to think at all when you create your videos.

You can do it on your own, from scratch, but I’d highly recommend that you check out the site called because I will be using that PDF within that specific video to create these videos.

With that said, let’s go ahead and create some videos!

I’ve logged into my Animoto account but before we can jump right in and begin to create a video, we need to have a good idea of what the video is going to be about.

If I go under my files here, I went ahead and had somebody design a banner ad for me, which I can use in the video.

In this particular video, let’s say for example, that I’m going to give top 5 roof maintenance tips. And get people feeling like “Okay, I trust this video. What do I do next? Where do I go next to fill out the form?”

In this case, I’m targeting people specifically for example, with Columbia Roof Replacement. You can get these banner ads created at if you want to do that or or any other site.

I want to show you this as well. I went to  and I found this link here that says “I will write a 500 Word Unique Quality Article and Pass it Through Copyscape” So this person promised 24 hours.

So I went ahead and got this person to write 2 articles on 5 Roof Maintenance Tips and Topic #2: How to Find a Good Roof Contractor. And you know, within less than 24 hours, I received these 2 articles here, which I can use for my videos.

You can leverage other people’s time by getting other people to do the work for you and simply go about doing that.

This is about 5 Roof Maintenance Tips. So I’m going to click on this. I’m going to open this up so you can see what it looks like and what we’re dealing with.

We’ve got Roof Care Basics. I’m going to go through the article here and basically bold the text that I think that will be the most beneficial.

So it says #1. Check on it – Every once in a while, visit the roof to inspect the whole thing. Look closely for damages like cracks or loose missing tiles. It is best to do this before a storm falls.

Okay, so that’s pretty obvious. Visit the roof to inspect the whole thing. Look closely for damages that may cause further trouble. Maybe that would be #1.

I’m going to get into my WordPad here and I’m going to say #1: Look closely for damages like cracks and so forth. We’ve got #2, #3, #4, and #5.

We’ve got 5 preventative tips that will show up in the Animoto video. Now I could shorten this by saying: Look closely for cracks, loose or missing tiles.

You want to get it as short as possible because when somebody is watching the video, they’re going to glance at the video itself.

#2. Treat those threats – At the first sight of molds and mildews on the roof, grab the best mold treatment. Why don’t we just say something like: Watch out for molds and mildew.

#3. Keep the Trees Trimmed – If not the branches; leaves. We can just say: Keep trees away from the roof.

#4. Choose Professionals – You may consider yourself good enough to do roof care alone. They can do the inspection better; give comprehensive inspection. So I’m going to say: Get a professional to do a comprehensive inspection.

#5. Prevention is Better Than Cure – This does not only go for people but be for roofs too. Do not wait until the roof is in absolute damage. Secure gutter joints if you have loose ones. So that might be another one: Secure gutter joints.

I’m going to say those are the 5 tips. I’m going to use these tips here. I’m going to use the banner ad that I got created.

Say Banner Ad. Then maybe I’ll use an image of the roof if I can. Let’s see what kind of images I have. I’ve got the before and after pictures side to side. Let’s say I’m going to work with these pictures here.

You can also go to, which is another site where you can gain access to pictures. We can type “roof” and because I’m dealing specifically with roof problems, one of these – I can get this for Professional Inspection. I could use this. I could use possibly even this. Just go here and grab a bunch of images that you think would relate specifically to these 5 tips.

You know what, maybe I’m going to do something like this one. I’ll put this one at the last. To get a professional.

I’m going to go through the copywriting swipes here and see if I can get a headline to make it convert better.

The 2000 Swipes here, there are article titles, benefits, bullet points, calls to action, comparisons, decisions, follow ups, getting your idea across, and so forth.

I’m going to go to the Questions Sections, which is on page 170.

Do you want to learn 5 tips to maintaining your roof the right way?

So is it wonderful to <blank> with minimum risks?

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of…

I’m going to use this one here. I’m going to say up to the top here: Do you want to learn 5 Tips to Maintaining Your Roof The Right Way?

I paused the video re-worded it to: Do you want to learn 5 Tips to Maintaining Your Roof The Right Way?

Or we could say: Want to learn 5 Tips The Right Way?

I’m going to go back up here to the table of contents and we got Decisions. I want them to make the decision. See Flying off the Shelf, Secure your Copy. As I was going through here, I got some ideas.

Because the CPA lead offer that my landing page is set in a way that people can compare roofers. So I’m going to say something like: Want to compare roofers in your area? Click the link below.

Or you could say: Go to

Or you could say: Click the link below to fill out the form

What I found is that if you give people the heads up that they’re going to fill out a form or a specific action, and they click on that, then they’re more likely to fill out that form than walk away.

Because they are aware of what to expect ahead of time.

Now that we have created kind of our script here, I’m going to go to Animoto and create the videos.

There are several different Animoto styles that you can choose from. I have the Pro version so there’s a lot more styles. But I have to think clearly about my demographics.

And I think in this case, most people don’t want anything necessarily fancy. I’m just going to do with Animoto Original. I’m going to create a video by:

  1. Clicking Create Video
  1. The first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to upload this image here. I can add pics and videos, which is the neat thing. I ‘m going to click this here. I think I’m going to click this here and click on open.
  1. And I’m going to go down here it says; I’m going to add some text. “… To Maintaining Your Roof” and I generally like to capitalize most of the words.
  1. Click on Save
  1. I’m going to move this here.
  1. And I’m just going to start putting the tips here. Add text. #1, we got #2. I think I’m going to move this over to here because this picture represents missing tiles. “To watch out for molds and mildew” I’m going to put that here. I’m going to put the next one here. And add another text here. So you can see how fast it is to create this video. “See comprehensive inspection”. So 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. And there we go!
  1. Click on Save Settings.
  1. Now what I can do is I can go to Settings. I can click on here and actually change the music or the sound or I can upload my songs here.
  1. But I think what I’m going to do now is click on Preview Video.
  1. And as you can see we’ve rendered it so we’re going to click here.

As you saw, within just a few minutes, I was able to create a pretty professional video.

  1. From that point, I’m going to click on Produce.
  1. Then I’m going to to render the video file to get it ready for upload to YouTube in the next video.