Lesson 5:Basic Keyword Research

Lesson Level:  Easy

Lesson Length:  08:52


Welcome to Video #5 – Basic Keyword Research

We’re going to get basically the Keyword + the Geographical Location

I showed you this on the previous videos on using Google Insights. But we’re going to dig a little bit deeper in terms of the keywords where the locations are.

Just because you’re in United Kingdom or Canada or even me, being in the USA, that doesn’t mean that I can only target my own geographical location.

The beauty of the Internet is that you can still build websites in other geographical locations.

With that said, let’s go back to Google Trends or Insights – which is the same thing and let’s go do this!

If you go to and you do a search for “roofing” or any other specific keyword that you want to target, in this case, I’ve done a search on “roofing.” My geographical location is in the United States.

Like I said earlier, you don’t have to go after your geographical location if you don’t want. As long as you see that there are local companies that are trying to generate leads, there is a market in that area.

If I click on United States, anything that is in the darker range is the higher volume. For example:

  • Florida has 85
  • Colorado has 95
  • Ohio has 85
  • and Tennessee has 86

When I think of roofing, I think of people that are replacing this simply because of the weather’s bad and so forth. Especially in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Stuff in the North, there’s a lot of snow. Stuff in the South, there’s a lot of hurricanes and rain and so forth.

If you click on your specific geographical location, let’s say South Carolina, which is this location. Let’s say for example, we got 92, 100, Augusta 71, and Savannah and so forth.

I’m going to dig into my location, which let’s say is Columbia 62. Comparatively to the other ones, there’s not a whole lot.

But you got also remember, if you’re dealing with local CPA companies, you got to figure out, where are their services located? They may not serve other locations.

You might need to talk to your affiliate manager and ask them about that.

I can see right now that “Columbia SC roofing” gets about 85, which is pretty good. Rising “metal roofing.” I could create a specific site about “metal roofing.”

You don’t have to create a general site about just roofing in general. You can say “metal roofing Columbia South Carolina” or “metal roofing city, state.” In fact, the more specific I found, the better.

Right now, I just want to get an idea of the related terms.  Let’s say for example that I want to go to Florida. Let’s say Jacksonville. Let’s see if Jacksonville is available. Jacksonville has 93, Tampa has 100. These areas are probably more high competitive areas so just keep that in mind.

If I click on Jacksonville for example, we got:

  • Jacksonville roofing
  • Roofing Jacksonville, FL
  • Metal roofing; so forth and so forth

These are kind of the related terms that we’re dealing with but the highest ones are:

  • Roofing Jacksonville
  • Roofing Jacksonville, FL

Let’s say for example that you got a WordPad and you kind of keep track of what we’re dealing with here.

I can go after Jacksonville. I could specifically go after “metal roofing, Jacksonville, FL.” But in this case, I’m going to keep it as general as possible. I’ll just say “Roofing Jacksonville, FL” because there might be another Jacksonville in the other parts of the United States.

I’m going to say “Roofing Jacksonville FL” as my Main Keyword and these other keywords as kind of a Secondary Keywords.

You can also take a step a notch up and go to do a search on “google keyword tool” and do some research here as well.

  • I could type in Jacksonville Florida Roofing
  • I want the United States
  • We’re just going to go ahead and enter the Captcha here

This gives us a good idea of other keywords that we could go after

  • Roofing Contractors Jacksonville FL
  • You got your Global Monthly Searches and your Local Monthly Searches. Your Local Monthly Searches simply applies to the location here.

Global is obviously global and I’m not really interested in Global Monthly Searches.

The competition also is very, very high as you can see here. I could go after something smaller like:

  • Roofing Jacksonville Beach FL or
  • Roof Masters, which I think is a company name; and so forth

That kind of gives you an idea here. I can go after:

  • Roofing Jacksonville Beach FL, which is medium competition and go after here.

Depending on the Marketing Strategy that you use, I found that you could even go after the high competition and do pretty well as well. But I want to generate leads fast.

Let’s say out of the 200 people, maybe 10 people go to my roofing form and fill it out. I get $40.00 a piece, that’s $400.00. That’s not really bad at all.

That gives me another avenue that I could take.

  • Roofing Jacksonville Beach FL; 210

That should give you a better idea of the main keyword that you want to target.

Geographically, it has to look like Keyword + City, State

That’s what you want. Because we want to target people as specific as possible. When you’re dealing with local search engine optimization, it’s actually a lot easier than the online search engine optimization.

That’s it! Let’s end this video and move to the next video where I talk about LSI keywords.