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Dear Internet Marketer:

You know competition for your audience’s attention grows every day. According to Mashable, People create 571 new websites every minute, tweet 175 million times per day and upload 48 hours of new video each minute.

It’s an ever-increasing battle to attract your audience to your site, and it’s harder than ever to keep them there long enough to opt in or buy. Now there is a way to do all this and still have your nights and weekends free. I’m going to tell you how, but first let’s talk a little bit about Internet marketing.

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Every reputable Internet expert will tell you that content is key to driving traffic and keeping it on your site. 90% of B2C marketers and 93% of B2B marketers use content marketing according to 2014 surveys by The Content Institute and Marketing Profs. The most popular web sites are heavy with juicy content that grabs people’s attention and keeps them coming back.

But where to get that content? If you are a professional writer, you can write content yourself, but can you really keep up with all the topics that interests your audience? And think of the drudgery and time involved in even attempting to produce enough content to attract and keep visitors in today’s market. You can hire writers, but good, professional writers may be far beyond your budget. How do some of most popular web sites do it?

The Fastest, Easiest, Most Effective Way To Increase Traffic

The answer can be found in one word, and this is the golden key: Curation. Some of the most heavily trafficked and most respected content sites rely heavily on curation, that is, gathering content from other web sites. Sites like The Huffington Post, ranked at 81 in popularity among all web sites by and Buzzfeed, ranked at this writing at 125, are curated sites.

Many people who are your potential customers rely on content curation sites to find and organize content of interest to them rather than aimlessly spending hours sifting through the Internet. Because these sites provide a valuable service, sites that do it well enjoy booming traffic.

It sounds almost too good to be true that you can use content you find on the web to increase your traffic. Is it legal?

Not only is it legal when done correctly, but it is very much a white hat practice that will vastly improve your Google rankings.

But Wait A Minute.
All Well And Good, But Isn’t Curation
Itself A Lot Of Work?

Doing this on your own would be an insurmountable task. But there is an answer…

Work Smart, Not Hard

Don’t even think about doing all this on your own. There is a way to curate content on your site in just 20 minutes a day and at just about no expense.

Web Dimensions has created software that will do all the work for you, from scraping the web for content to developing keywords and organizing your content.
We offer you an easy to use solution with eight difference software packages that work together to make your content curation site almost turnkey.

  • ICC Express Developer License: Searches the web for relevant content to post on your web site, Facebook pages, Twitter and more. Import and Export profiles for your VAs. Rule your niche with Laser-Targeted Content! Make Memes instantly from royalty free images - EXIF data management - Social Posting module. This software rocks the house!
  • ICC Keyworkz and Silo Factory: (AKA 'Traffic Connect') More than just a keyword tool, it's an entire system for niche research and website creation: find the best keywords based on search statistics, competition and ad cost and builds websites with those keywords and creates your website in minutes - including content and monetization!
  • PBN Tracker Software Track and manage all your PBN websites from one program. Great way to stay organized.
  • Watch My Website service that makes sure all your websites are up and running and making you money. If one goes down you get notified instantly.
  • Textifier Wordpress plugin that lets you load your posts with keyword-traffic-pulling text without blowing away your visitors with reader overload
  • PageView Exploder premium Wordpress plugin that drives up your traffic stats with programmable slideshows and any kind of monetization
  • Vidworkz / Cloud Movie Machine: Create your own videos online, curate and rank them within minutes - no B.S. this works! No downloads - no uploads - all cloud based -- Premium Access!
  • Viral Image Curator Pro: Enable you to quickly find royalty-free images
  • Viral Video Curator Pro: an amazing software tool the gives you access to millions of videos via keyword search and user channels. Curate videos directly to your blogs or your Facebook fan pages!
  • IDEA ENGINE software Never run out of ideas for products that you can make money with
  • Web Watcher Adobe Air software for managing all your offsite SEO and guest post link exchange contacts and link pinger
  • Webinar Alpha - profitable webinar & video replay system so you can make money while you sleep!
  • Video Graphics Creator awesome software that lets you create branding for your videos & hangouts
  • And that's not even half of what you get with the membership!
  • PLUS - new software added regularly

To obtain the developer or unlimited licensing for all the products listed above (not to mention all the ones we didn't have space to list here) -- it would cost you well over $1,000 and not include all the "secret" primo training and weekly live calls and personal support that Hugh gives his 'elite' Unlimited members to help them move forward without obstacle.

Just think… a content rich site plus your own published videos, with trending topics and ever-changing content. A site or video campaign that takes you only 20 minutes a day. Our tools make is easy because the software does the work for you. Not only does it deliver content, it delivers on-target, keyword screened content that is organized for your use. The kind of content that goes viral.

Need proof? Take a look at these results that show an increase in web traffic of almost 4,000 % in just a few months.

Aren’t There Other Products Out
There That Do The Same Thing?

There are other products that will scrape the Internet. But we make sure the content is relevant to hot keywords, up to date and organized. All of our software is integrated so you access video and images as seamlessly as you access text.

Along with all the software listed above, you also get

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